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We LOVE our clients!! Cancellation policies are NO FUN but necessary to ensure our instructors and other clients are getting the best experience possible here at Renew Your Fitness.

Refunds, Cancellations, and Credits:

We are unable to issue refunds for any reason due to the fees associated with refunds. However, pricing plan options allow for credits back to you as long as you cancel prior to the cut-off times listed below. You must book a single drop in as a pricing plan option in order for credits to apply to single drop ins. 

5:30am classes must be cancelled by 7:30pm the night before to receive a credit back.

Afternoon/evening class must be cancelled by NOON the same day to receive a credit back.

Saturday morning classes must be cancelled by 9pm the night before to receive a credit back.

How to Cancel:

Cancel through the Fit By Wix app.  If you are not able to cancel in the APP - that means you have passed the cut-off time and will be considered a no-show.  Please contact us directly by Facebook message to Renew You Fitness or email to let us know you are not coming.  

Trust us - we did not want to do this! But we are trying to mitigate our losses and keep our clients and instructors happy. 

There are no limitations on timing for a sign up - but please choose classes you plan on attending. You can sign up all the way to the last minute! And we hope you do!

We are so thankful for all of your support and we LOVE all our clients. Please help us by committing to the classes you sign up for and make this a WIN-WIN for all of us!


Shawna & Niki

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